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Dr. Prem Kumar Singuluri , is a myriad minded and multifaceted technocrate cum mentor who is a repository of the current trends in the field of Computer Science.  Dr. Prem has obtained mastery over the students psychology in such a way that he is a constant councilor and motivator for host of techno aspirants.  Besides teaching Computer Science, he has excelled in designing industrial real time applications.   He is Professor emeritus to front line educational institutions where he shed his luster in many fields.  He is a voracious reader and keeps on updating his knowledge by writing and contributing articles to various technical magazines.
Dr. Prem Kumar Singuluri is an MCA, M.Tech., MPhil and Ph.D., in Computer Science and Engineering. His thirst for the knowledge is so huge that he was not complacent with a single degree. He got his master of computer applications from university of Madhurai with distinction. He did his Master of Philosophy from university of Madhurai. Then he did his Master of Technology from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Ananthapuram. He obtained his Doctor of Philosophy from Sri Krishna Devaraya University, Ananthapur, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Dr. Prem Singuluri is constantly in touch with abreast movements in technology and keeps on updating it with number of activities. He planes and organizes workshops, symposia to the students in cutting edge technological trends like data analytics, cloud, e-commerce, m-governance, Internet of Things and predominantly on how to write algorithms. He brings home very effectively the intricacies of C programming that students never feel it an issue. He even encourages the students through a vibrant club called “C Club” and ignites the spirit of writing and executing programs among the student community. He is a founder of “Infotech computers” which generated thousands of technocrats to the society, who excelled in India and abroad.
Dr. Prem contribution to the research and development is vast. His brain child “Anveshana” ( A research club) is the pioneer of all the research work related to computer science and engineering. Inter disciplinary Students involve actively round the clock and unvail various secrets of the applications. Even google play store has some of the applications which were developed by Dr. Prem’s team. His passion towards Internet of things was even recognized and acknowledge at the serious levels of the Government. The Andhra Pradesh state chief minister gave the pat on the back after going through the R&D work of his team. His Doctoral thesis is on e-Governance which is being adopted by various organizations. His presentation which stole the show when the Prime Minister of India witnessed his deliberation in Defence Research and Development Organization, New Delhi, India. His eloquence on e-Governance, Survelance, Network security, Hacking and data analytics won all round applause
There is another side to this multi faceted Doctor. His histrionic talents are at the peak. He is a painter, caricature artist, cartoonist, poet, musician and composer besides stage director. His versatile attitude in these all together different field is the best example how he is a natural motivator. His publications in various vernacular journals made him a prominent artist. He conducts art exhibitions at different parts of the state which had resulted in the culmination of all critics giving appraisal to the best performance
Dr. Prem is a recipient of various awards for his all round best performance. The feather in the cap is the appreciation given by the Prime Minister of India for his erudite presentation. He has been honored as the best teacher by Lions Club International and felicitated by a host of voluntary organizations, peer educational institutions and government, quasi government organizations for his motivational speeches. He is a recipient of Ramanujan award on Mathematics day. He is recognized by people, stake holders which is greater than any award and reward.
Dr. Prem is a pioneer in Innovative education. He is behind setting up of various schemes which turned out to be a boon to the students. His maiden idea of learning on wheels, Campus radio technical talk got an overall appriciations. As an able administrator, he has brought several reforms in the system. The paper less administration, management of waster water, disposing of wastages are a few which got tremendous response. Teaching by involving the students is a novel technique which has been adopted by his is really worth praising. Introducing the decentralization of power at the college administration level, introduction of solor battery car to cover the college campus and induction of Yoga and Meditation into the lives of the faculty made him different. The vertical axis wind turban itself is an example of his innovative vision. Visionary people like him are rare. His interaction, administration, motivation and above all the involvement in teaching is innovative


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Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
G.Pullaiah College of Engineering and Technology, Kurnool, A.P.




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